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Star Laundry ​Reviews and Testimonials

Here's what our customers are saying about Star Laundry:

It was very clean and the help was friendly and accommodating with any questions and providing change.

A very polite, helpful and attractive laundry assistant.

I hate doing laundry, but coming to this little laundromat is actually rather pleasant! The lady who runs it is very nice. They have a large selection of magazines to ready and they have a clean bathroom. They also have some high volume machines in there that I like to use when I wash my comforter.

I do all my laundry here. Friendly employees. Always clean!

Great place. When I did the laundry math, the value turned out to be great. And the time savings using the drop-off service is amazing.

We love Star Laundry. The attendant is always in there running the place and she is a sweetheart. We wait and only do our laundry every other weekend so the big machines are great when you are doing big loads. They have a bathroom that's always clean.