Star Laundry ​Reviews and Testimonials

We are proud of our laundry and are always striving to make it better.  Here's what our customers are saying about Star Laundry:

Great two young men working. Very helpful and clean place as I am traveling from Ohio.

Laundry never stops coming, but it's easier when you can get it all done in one sitting! Everyone is friendly and helpful and this is MY preferred laundromat.

Love this place. It sure does beat having to do all of our laundry on campus back at our apartment complex. Wish Henderson had more places to do laundry.

It was very clean and the help was friendly and accommodating with any questions and providing change.

A very polite, helpful and attractive laundry assistant.

I do all my laundry here. Friendly employees. Always clean!

I hate doing laundry, but coming to this little laundromat is actually rather pleasant! The lady who runs it is very nice. They have a large selection of magazines to ready and they have a bathroom. They also have some high volume machines in there that I like to use when I wash my comforter.

Great place. I wash a little shocked when I had to pay this much for a wash but when I did the laundry math, the value turned out to be great. The largest washer holds way more than 25 pounds. I could fit 8 pairs of jeans and 30+ shirts, and my towels and sheets. It would take me easily 4 loads at $3 each to do that at school.

We love Star Laundry. The attendant is always in there running the place and she is a sweetheart. We wait and only do our laundry every other weekend so the big machines are great when you are doing big loads. They have a bathroom that's always clean.