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Coin Operated Self Service Laundromat in Henderson

Star Laundry Wash and Fold near Henderson is a wonderful laundromat in Texas.

Our self-service coin laundromat is open 7 days a week 7 AM-9 PM. This 3000 square foot coin laundry has 21 professional commercial Dexter washing machines, and 23 dryers. We have all size machines, for your smallest load to your largest loads.

Washer & Dryer Prices

  • Double Loaders $ 2.50
  • Triple Loaders $ 3.50
  • Quadruple Loaders $ 4.50
  • Mega Loader $ 5.50
  • 30 lb Dryers 10 Minutes / 25¢
  • 40 lb Dryers 8 Minutes / 25¢

Star Laundry has large tables and lots of seating for our self-service laundry customers. For your convenience, we sell laundry products such as detergent and bleach from the office, and we have a vending machine for sodas and snacks. We also have some video games to play while you wait on your wash.

Our coin laundromat is fully attended. Not only always does this keep the laundromat clean, but there is someone who can show you how to use a machine or break a large bill for you to put change in the machine!

In addition to self-service, Star Laundry provides drop off laundry service as well as FREE pick-up and delivery laundry service. Our laundromat is so nice that we have countless customers that drive from surrounding areas like Jacksonville, Tatum, Carthage, New London, Price, and Overton, that think it is worth the drive!